Quality is Constant
at Chipsmall

Chipsmall regards quality as our commitment. We have a comprehensive
supplier management system to ensure the quality, integrity, and safety of
electronic components.

Supplier Levels:
  • Grade A:

    Must be original suppliers or authorized distributors. Authorized distributors need to provide authorization certificates.
  • Grade B:

    The average score of delivered components meeting the requirements of the order must be 4 or above.
    The supplier industry type must be distributor.
  • Grade C:

    The average score of delivered components meeting the requirements of the order must be 4 or above.
    The probationary period is defined by the supplier.
  • Dangerous:

    The supplier has a record of returns due to quality issues such as appearance defects, non-compliance with electrical
    performance, and packaging discrepancies.
  • Blacklist:

    The supplier has a record of returns due to counterfeits.

Quality Inspection Procedure

  • 01

    Advanced Equipment

    We have introduced more than 20 professional testing instruments such as X-RAY chip inspection machine and X-RAY point-counting machine, MOSFET tester, constant temperature and humidity test chamber, microcomputer lead-free tin furnace, metallographic microscope and high-performance MCU programming machine to ensure the professionalism of testing results.

  • 02

    Strict Inspection Process

    AlI quality inspection processes of Chipsmall are strictly followed by the IDEA inspection process guideline checklist. We always insist on putting the quality of components first and promise to "never let a fake product flow to customers", convoying the safety of your component supply chain.

  • 03

    Professional Quality Team

    The core members of the quality inspection team of Chipsmall are from well-known enterprises and third-party laboratories in the industry, with rich experience in front-line testing, to provide a strong guarantee for achieving zero quality problems.

Testing Laboratory

Laboratory Overview1
Laboratory Overview2

Laboratory Overview

Chipsmall is one of the few independent distributors that has its own testing laboratory and QC system. Each product is tested and validated by trained and experienced engineers inside the organization, and the detailed inspection process, which includes microscopic inspection, digital measurement, and full image acquisition, is handled and archived.

Inspection Procedures

  • Packaging and Document Inspection
  • External Visual Inspection
  • Reprinting and Surface Refurbishment Testing
  • XRF Testing
  • X-ray Testing
  • Electrical Performance Testing
  • Solderability Testing
  • Decap Testing

Packaging and Document Inspection

Check the packaging condition, verify the label source and label information.


Electronic components are sensitive products that have high requirements for storage, packaging, and delivery environments. Chipsmall strictly adheres to the original preservation and environmental protection standards of all-grade materials.


ESD package/label


Thermostatical control


Packaging requirements and label information files for each customer


Humidity control


Provide the fastest, safest, and most economical transportation method for customers with transportation requirement information files.

Our Certification

  • esd


    Chipsmall Quality Inspection center meet electrostatic discharge requirements for electrical and electronic products in compliance with ANSI/ESD S20.20 standard.

  • as912b


    Chipsmall improves the safety and reliability of products such as aerospace materials and components to meet the requirements of customers in the aerospace industry.

  • iso14001


    We have obtained environmental management system certification and are committed to creating a green business.

  • iso9001


    We follow the ISO9001 quality management system to provide customers with reliable electronic components.

  • D&B


    We have been certified by Dun & Bradstreet to establish a good image in the network business environment and enhance the favorability and trust of potential customers.