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The ADR391BUJZ-REEL7 is a precision voltage reference IC manufactured by Analog Devices Inc. in collaboration with Maxim Integrated. This voltage reference provides accurate and stable reference voltages for various analog and mixed-signal applications. Here's a detailed description of this component:

Key Features:

  • High Accuracy: The ADR391BUJZ-REEL7 offers high accuracy voltage references with low initial error and minimal temperature drift, ensuring precise and reliable voltage regulation over a wide range of operating conditions.

  • Low Noise: With low output noise characteristics, the voltage reference minimizes signal distortion and interference, making it suitable for applications requiring clean and stable reference voltages in sensitive analog circuits.

  • High Stability: Featuring excellent long-term stability and low output voltage drift over time, the voltage reference maintains consistent performance and minimizes calibration requirements in critical precision measurement and control systems.

  • Wide Operating Temperature Range: Designed to operate reliably across a wide temperature range, the voltage reference remains stable and accurate in harsh environmental conditions, making it suitable for industrial, automotive, and outdoor applications.

  • Low Power Consumption: The ADR391BUJZ-REEL7 consumes low quiescent current, optimizing power efficiency and extending battery life in portable and battery-powered devices where power consumption is a critical consideration.

  • Small Form Factor: Housed in a compact SOT-23 package, the voltage reference offers space-saving advantages and facilitates easy integration into space-constrained circuit layouts and miniature electronic devices.

  • Multiple Voltage Options: Available in various voltage options, the ADR391BUJZ-REEL7 supports a wide range of reference voltage outputs, allowing flexibility in voltage selection to meet the specific requirements of different applications.

  • Robust Design: Built with robust and reliable semiconductor materials and manufacturing processes, the voltage reference exhibits high resilience to electrical and environmental stresses, ensuring long-term reliability and durability in demanding operating conditions.


  • Precision Measurement: Used in precision measurement instruments and test equipment, the voltage reference provides stable and accurate reference voltages for analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), digital-to-analog converters (DACs), and sensor signal conditioning circuits.

  • Industrial Automation: Integrated into industrial automation systems and control electronics, the voltage reference ensures accurate and stable voltage references for analog signal processing, motor control, power management, and process control applications.

  • Medical Devices: Applied in medical devices and diagnostic equipment, the voltage reference supports accurate and reliable voltage regulation for patient monitoring systems, medical imaging devices, laboratory instruments, and therapeutic devices.

  • Automotive Electronics: Used in automotive electronics and embedded systems, the voltage reference provides precise voltage references for automotive sensor interfaces, engine control units (ECUs), infotainment systems, and safety-critical applications.

  • Telecommunications: Deployed in telecommunications infrastructure and networking equipment, the voltage reference delivers stable reference voltages for analog front-end circuits, baseband processing, data converters, and clock generation circuits.

  • Consumer Electronics: Integrated into consumer electronics products such as smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, and portable audio devices, the voltage reference ensures stable and accurate voltage references for battery charging, audio amplification, and sensor interfaces.

  • Aerospace and Defense: Used in aerospace and defense applications, the voltage reference provides reliable and accurate voltage references for avionics systems, navigation equipment, satellite communications, radar systems, and missile guidance systems.

  • Energy Management: Applied in energy management systems and renewable energy applications, the voltage reference supports accurate voltage regulation and monitoring for solar inverters, battery management systems (BMS), and power grid infrastructure.


Functional Equivalent (FE) materials, including Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) form, assembly, and functionally compatible substitute materials.


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