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The CY74FCT2574CTSOC from Texas Instruments is a versatile octal D-type flip-flop designed for high-speed digital applications. 

Key Features:

  1. High-Speed Operation: The CY74FCT2574CTSOC operates at high clock speeds, making it suitable for demanding digital systems where rapid data processing is essential.
  2. Octal Flip-Flop: Featuring eight individual D-type flip-flops, this device provides ample storage for digital data, facilitating efficient data handling and manipulation.
  3. TTL-Compatible Inputs: The inputs are TTL-compatible, ensuring seamless integration with other TTL logic devices and compatibility with existing digital systems.
  4. Low Power Consumption: Despite its high-speed operation, the device maintains low power consumption, contributing to energy efficiency and minimizing heat dissipation.
  5. Wide Operating Voltage Range: The CY74FCT2574CTSOC supports a wide operating voltage range, allowing for versatile application across various voltage levels in digital systems.
  6. Schmitt Trigger Inputs: Schmitt trigger inputs provide noise immunity and enhance signal integrity, ensuring reliable operation in noisy environments and over long transmission lines.
  7. Latch-Up Performance: Built-in latch-up protection ensures robust performance and reliability, safeguarding the device against potential latch-up issues under extreme conditions.
  8. Compact SOIC Package: Housed in a compact SOIC package, the CY74FCT2574CTSOC offers space-saving benefits and ease of integration into existing circuit designs.


  • Digital data processing
  • Address decoding
  • Clock distribution
  • State machine implementations
  • Parallel data storage
  • Data buffering

The CY74FCT2574CTSOC from Texas Instruments is a reliable and efficient octal D-type flip-flop suitable for a wide range of high-speed digital applications. With its high-speed operation, low power consumption, and versatile features, it provides designers with a robust solution for digital logic design requirements.


Functional Equivalent (FE) materials, including Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) form, assembly, and functionally compatible substitute materials.


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