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    16 Gb x32 4266 Mbps 1.8 / 1.1 / 0.6 V -25 ~ 85 °C 200FBGA Mass Production
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The K4U6E3S4AA-MGCL, manufactured by Samsung, is a 16 Gigabit Low-Power Double Data Rate 4X (LPDDR4X) Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory (SDRAM) chip. Let's break that down:

Function: It stores data used by your device's processor and provides fast access to it. Think of it as a temporary workspace for the computer.

Capacity: It can hold 16 Gigabits (Gb) of information, which is roughly equivalent to 2 gigabytes (GB).


  • Low-Power (LP): Designed for efficient power consumption, making it ideal for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.
  • Double Data Rate 4X (DDR4X): Transfers data twice per clock cycle, significantly boosting performance compared to earlier DDR generations.
  • SDRAM: Synchronizes its operations with the system clock, ensuring smooth data flow.

Technical Specifications:

  • Organization: x32, meaning it has 32 internal banks for parallel data access.
  • Speed: Up to 4266 Megabits per second (Mbps), offering fast data transfer rates.
  • Voltage: Requires 1.8 volts (V) for core operation, 1.1 V for I/O (Input/Output), and 0.6 V for internal standby.
  • Temperature: Operates within a range of -25°C to 85°C, suitable for various environments.
  • Package: Comes in a 200-ball Fine-Pitch Ball Grid Array (FBGA) package, a compact and surface-mount type.
  • Production Status: Currently in mass production, readily available for purchase.

Overall, the K4U6E3S4AA-MGCL is a high-performance LPDDR4X memory chip for mobile devices, offering a good balance of speed, capacity, and power efficiency.


Functional Equivalent (FE) materials, including Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) form, assembly, and functionally compatible substitute materials.


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