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The LM5009 step-down switching regulator features all of the functions needed to implement a low-cost and efficient, buck regulator. This device is capable of driving a 150-mA load current from a 9.5-V to 95-V input source.
The switching frequency can exceed 600 kHz, depending on the input and output voltages.
The output voltage can be set from 2.5 V to 85 V. This high-voltage regulator contains an N-channel buck switch and an internal startup regulator.
The device is easy to implement and is provided in 8-pin VSSOP and thermally-enhanced, 8-pin WSON packages.
The regulator operation is based on a control scheme using an on-time inversely proportional to VIN. This feature allows the operating frequency to remain relatively constant over load and input voltage variations.
The control scheme requires no loop compensation, resulting in an ultrafast transient response. An intelligent current limit is implemented with forced off-time that is inversely proportional to VOUT. This scheme ensures short-circuit protection and provides minimum foldback. Other features include thermal shutdown, VCC undervoltage lockout, gate drive undervoltage lockout, and maximum duty cycle limiter.
The new product LM5163 offers reduced BOM count, reduced solution size, lower operating quiescent current and many other features. Start WEBENCH® design with LM5163.  
• Newer product: LM5163 100-V, 0.5-A synchronous buck DC/DC converter
• Integrated N-channel MOSFET
• 150-mA output current capability
• Ultra-fast transient response
• No loop compensation required
• VIN feedforward provides constant operating frequency
• Switching frequency can exceed 600 kHz
• Highly efficient operation
• 2% accurate 2.5-V feedback from –40°C to +125°C
• Internal start-up regulator
• Intelligent current limit protection
• External shutdown control

Thermal shutdown
• 8-pin VSSOP and thermally enhanced 8-pin WSON packages   Applications
• Heat sink eliminator for classic linear regulator applications
• 12-V, 24-V, 36-V, and 48-V rectified AC systems
• Non-isolated AC mains charge-coupled supplies
• LED current source

Functional Equivalent (FE) materials, including Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) form, assembly, and functionally compatible substitute materials.


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