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The NUP5150MUTBG is a highly integrated power switch and protection device manufactured by ON Semiconductor. It is designed to provide robust protection and efficient power management for various electronic applications. Here's a detailed description:


  • Integrated Protection: The NUP5150MUTBG integrates multiple protection features including overcurrent protection (OCP), overvoltage protection (OVP), and thermal shutdown, safeguarding connected circuits against faults and damage.
  • Low RDS(ON): This device features low on-resistance (RDS(ON)) which minimizes power dissipation and voltage drops across the switch, ensuring efficient power delivery and reduced thermal stress.
  • Wide Input Voltage Range: With a wide input voltage range, the NUP5150MUTBG is suitable for various applications operating across different voltage levels, enhancing its versatility and compatibility.
  • Fast Response Time: It offers a fast response time to detect and respond to overcurrent and overvoltage conditions, providing rapid protection to the load and preventing potential damage.
  • Adjustable Current Limit: The device allows for adjustable current limiting, enabling users to customize the protection threshold based on specific application requirements.
  • Compact Package: Packaged in a compact and space-saving form factor, the NUP5150MUTBG facilitates easy integration into tight PCB layouts and small electronic devices.
  • Wide Temperature Range: With an extended operating temperature range, this power switch is suitable for use in various environments and conditions, ensuring reliable performance across different operating conditions.


  • Consumer Electronics: Suitable for use in consumer electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and gaming consoles to provide power distribution and protection functions.
  • Industrial Automation: Used in industrial automation systems, control panels, and machinery for power management, load switching, and protection against overcurrent and overvoltage events.
  • Telecommunications: Deployed in telecommunications equipment, network switches, and routers for efficient power switching and protection in data centers and networking infrastructure.
  • Automotive Electronics: Applied in automotive electronic systems, including infotainment systems, dashboard controls, and power distribution modules, to ensure reliable and safe operation under harsh automotive conditions.
  • Power Supplies: Integrated into power supply units, adapters, and chargers to provide protection against faults and ensure stable power delivery to connected loads.
  • LED Lighting: Used in LED lighting fixtures and drivers for switching and protecting LED arrays and modules from voltage surges and current spikes.
  • Industrial Control: Applied in various industrial control and monitoring systems for switching loads, controlling power distribution, and safeguarding sensitive equipment from electrical faults.

Functional Equivalent (FE) materials, including Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) form, assembly, and functionally compatible substitute materials.


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