Thermal - Adhesives, Epoxies, Greases, Pastes

Image Manufacturer Part Number Manufacturer Description Quantity Available Unit Price Order
251G 251G Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation THERMALCOTE GREASE CAN 1LB 93 $34.75000/pcs
100200F00000G 100200F00000G Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation THER-O-LINK PASTE TUBE 2OZ 123 $36.74000/pcs
101800F00000G 101800F00000G Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation THERMAL PASTE 66 $13.59000/pcs
100300F00000G 100300F00000G Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation ULTRASTICK PHASE CHANGE 47.5GRAM 916 $65.41000/pcs
HTS02S HTS02S Carlo Gavazzi Inc. SILICONE HEATSINK PASTE 2ML 172 $9.11000/pcs
GF1500-00-60-50CC GF1500-00-60-50CC Bergquist GF1500 50CC DUAL CARTRIDGE 74 $31.88000/pcs
GF4000-00-240-50CC GF4000-00-240-50CC Bergquist GAP FILLER 4000 50CC CARTRIDGE 2 $54.10000/pcs
GF3500S35-00-60-50CC GF3500S35-00-60-50CC Bergquist GF3500S35 50CC DUAL CARTRIDGE 8 $47.05000/pcs
GF1500LV-00-120-50CC GF1500LV-00-120-50CC Bergquist GAP FILLER 1500LV 50CC CARTRIDGE 228 $31.88000/pcs
GF3500S35-00-60-400CC GF3500S35-00-60-400CC Bergquist LIQUID GAP FILLER THERMAL CONDUC 2 $248.27000/pcs
GF3500LV-00-240-50CC GF3500LV-00-240-50CC Bergquist GAP FILLER 3500LV 50CC CARTRIDGE 2 $54.10000/pcs
GF1000-00-15-50CC GF1000-00-15-50CC Bergquist GF1000 50CC DUAL CARTRIDGE 2 $31.88000/pcs
TIC4000-00-00-0.5CC TIC4000-00-00-0.5CC Bergquist TIC 4000 0.5CC SYRINGE 22 $33.41000/pcs
TC-2707 37ML TC-2707 37ML 3M THERM COND ADH TC-2707 37 ML 123 $41.42000/pcs
TC-2707 TC-2707 3M THRMLY COND ADH 200 ML DUO-PAK 0 $0.00000/pcs
TC2810 37ML TC2810 37ML 3M THERM COND ADH TC-2810 37 ML 0 $0.00000/pcs
1704238 1704238 LOCTITE LOCTITE NSWC 100 THERMAL GREASE 0 $0.00000/pcs
852815 852815 LOCTITE THERMSTRATE 1000 TC 1.75 X 1.25 0 $0.00000/pcs
1333493 1333493 LOCTITE SILICONE GREASE TG100 7 $82.04200/pcs
234476 234476 LOCTITE 3873 SELF SHIM HI COND THERM ADH 81 $48.86000/pcs