Wire Strippers and Accessories

Image Manufacturer Part Number Manufacturer Description Quantity Available Unit Price Order
20990001045 20990001045 HARTING FIBER PCRIPPER - 1 MM POF 5 In Stock $59.40000/pcs
09458000000 09458000000 HARTING RJI ETHERNET CABLE STRIP TOOL 1 In Stock $164.46000/pcs
09990000808 09990000808 HARTING STRIPPING TOOL 0.03-10QMM SELFAD 3 In Stock $230.35000/pcs
20990001041 20990001041 HARTING FIBRE PCRIPPER 03MM HCS 7 In Stock $71.30000/pcs
20990001046 20990001046 HARTING FIBRE PCRIPPER 0.18/0.3MM 125 GI 7 In Stock $123.19000/pcs
09458000002 09458000002 HARTING RJI UNIVERSAL CABLE PCRIPPING TO 12 In Stock $16.51000/pcs
09458000001 09458000001 HARTING RJI YELLOW KNIFE BOX FOR PCRIPPI 5 In Stock $54.79000/pcs
09990000159 09990000159 HARTING PCRIPPING TOOL 0.08 - 10 MM 8 In Stock $230.35000/pcs
FBFSP FBFSP Panduit Corp TOOL BUFFER STRIPPER FIBER 3 In Stock $130.66000/pcs
CJAST CJAST Panduit Corp TOOL CABLE JACKET ADJ STRIPPER 10 In Stock $54.83000/pcs
CST101 CST101 Panduit Corp TOOL V NOTCH STRIPPERS 20-10AWG 20 In Stock $18.31000/pcs
CST114-157B CST114-157B Panduit Corp BLADE REPLACEMENT FOR CST114-157 8 In Stock $34.74000/pcs
CST115 CST115 Panduit Corp TOOL NOSE STRIPPER 20-10AWG 4 In Stock $30.82000/pcs
CST114-157 CST114-157 Panduit Corp TOOL WIRE STRIPPER 3/16-1 9/16 6 In Stock $134.33000/pcs
CJASTB CJASTB Panduit Corp REPLACEMENT BLADE CJAST 4 In Stock $18.00000/pcs
CST157 CST157 Panduit Corp TOOL CABLE STRIPPER .75-1.58 0 In Stock $0.00000/pcs
37 0096 37 0096 Industrial Fiberoptics TOOL STRIPPER FIBER OPTIC 3 In Stock $150.15000/pcs
IF-370075 IF-370075 Industrial Fiberoptics TOOL STRIPPER FIBER OPTIC 3 In Stock $150.15000/pcs
IF-370015 IF-370015 Industrial Fiberoptics TOOL STRIPPER FIBER OPTIC 0 In Stock $0.00000/pcs
VOL-0560C VOL-0560C 3M BUFFER TUBE STRIPPER 3 In Stock $124.95000/pcs