Chipsmall X-ray Service Available to All Customers

Chipsmall established its own testing lab. in Oct. 2022. Now we open our x-ray service to all our customers.



*Breakdown price is for the same part NO., but can be different batch codes.

**Our price does not include shipping cost.


Valued-added Serive

Our x-ray picture database has more than 150K + pieces of picture for components from trusted source. Analysis on compliance or incompliance 

can be provided if we happen to have the part in our database. Addtionally US$5/piece applies for this service.


X-ray Picture Delivery

In 2 hours after receipt of components.



Paypal before picture delivery




Please contact your sales for more details.


What is X-Ray inspection

X-Ray inspection is to use X-ray imaging technology to obtain the internal structure picture of the chip, and observe the chip structure
information without destroying the chip. It is an internationally accepted method for chip authenticity judgment and failure analysis and detection.


The role of X-Ray images

X-Ray detection technology has the advantages of fast speed, non-destructive, and low cost in chip authenticity detection.

Chip failure detection: Through X-ray pictures, visually observe the internal defects, layer peeling, bursting, voids, etc. of the chip, and assist in chip
failure judgment;
Chip authenticity judgment: By comparing the frame, grain, lead wire and other elements in the X-Ray picture of the test part with the standard
part chip, the authenticity can be judged;


X-Ray image database

In the chip authenticity judgment test, it is necessary to compare the X-Ray image of the test piece with the X-Ray image of the original standard
chip to determine the authenticity. With the Chipsmall X-Ray chip image library, it saves enterprises to purchase samples Compare the time cost
and work cycle of pictures to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase.

Chipsmall X-Ray chip image database, all samples are purchased from the original agent, high reliability, wide coverage, easy query, welcome to