Chipsmall Testing Agreement

Welcome to Chipsmall Testing Service! By clicking to agree, you are electronically signing the following agreement. Please read and fully understand the terms of the agreement before submitting your order.

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  1. There may be special cases where the original manufacturer's logo is not present on the grain during decapsulation testing.
  2. Due to testing requirements (such as Decap testing, solderability testing), there may be sample damage during the testing process. Chipsmall will inform users via email before testing.
  3. Chipsmall is only responsible for testing the samples and providing relevant reports. The testing results are only applicable to the tested samples.
  4. If there are personalized testing requirements or special specifications and materials that result in the need to adjust the testing fees, the actual adjusted fee will be determined and agreed upon after communication between both parties.
  5. Chipsmall will confirm the order, payment, and shipping information with the buyer through means such as email or phone. The buyer is required to respond within the agreed time after receiving the notification. Failure to respond within 5 business days after receiving the notification will be deemed as the buyer's default agreement, and Chipsmall will act according to the notification.
  6. Please confirm the sample handling method before placing the order. The sample handling method will be based on the selected option at the time of ordering. If any issues arise, Chipsmall will not be held responsible.
  7. The order total includes the sum of testing items and additional fees. Additional fees cover the cost of electronic reports and other related expenses. The discount amount refers to the discount and non-invoiceable amounts. The amount payable is the order total minus the discount amount, which is the actual invoiced amount.
  8. For users who need to return the samples, the user is responsible for the shipping cost of returning the samples. Chipsmall will ship to the return address provided by the user using the collect-on-delivery method. If there is a need to change the address, please contact customer service.
  9. If you have any questions, complaints, reports, or any matters related to this agreement or your personal information, or if you have any questions, opinions, or suggestions, you can contact us by calling +86-755-8981 8866 or through online customer service.